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Tabard Productions and John Herbert, as producer, director and scriptwriter, have made award-winning films and videos during more than thirty years. We produce quality communications for corporate clients, governments, training and educational establishments. We bring knowledge and experience to bear on the needs of the clients. They are the experts in what they wish to communicate. We ensure that they do it well. Juries at international film festivals have made many awards to productions scripted and directed by John Herbert and the other writer/directors who work for Tabard. John Herbert began his career with Rediffusion TV in the 1960's. He joined forces with Tabard Productions in 1993. Working in many parts of the world he has also specialised in projects centred on the Middle East. There he has made films and videos on archaeology, tourism, the environment and the petrochemical industry as well as contributing articles on these subjects to international journals and newspapers.
Why use film or video? Informing customers, showing your concern on environmental and social issues, winning a competitive commercial tender, motivating employees, selling a product or a service, and educating the next generation. Something to communicate? Let us provide an approach and price. We never charge for initial meetings and an outline proposal together with cost guidelines. No two productions are alike because the needs and circumstances are always unique. Tabard: a consistently professional approach.
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